Human Resources

Because we are passionate

that we go about our business in an environment which is free from caste, creed, religious & sex discrimination, child labour, and in conformity with all Statutory requirements

CSR & Environment

Because we care for our environment

with rainwater harvesting, water & energy conservation, renewable energy (wind mills), organic & fairtrade cotton, safe disposal of hazardous waste, and greening our facilities/neighbourhood


Because we support IIMPACT

(Website – www.iimpact.net)

which chose as its primary focus, the education of girl children from socially and economically disadvantaged sections of society.

There are many gaps in economic progress and many social causes that beg immediate support in a country like India. But perhaps none are as compelling as the lack of literacy and lack of social status among large numbers of girl children and women in general.

Salaam Baalak Trust

Because we support SALAAM BAALAK TRUST

(Website – www.salaambaalaktrust.com)

which runs five 24-hour full care shelters for children, including one being devoted to girl children.

They aim at restoring the childhood in children besides instilling in them the values of independence and decision-making, education and social values and financial self-dependence.

We Believe

Because we believe our 4000+ associates, believe as much as we do, in all the above causes